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Try 5 for 5

Woodwear is now offering a 5 for 5 deal allowing you to try on five pairs of sunglasses or watches for five days. We understand it can be hard to shop online for fashion because you can't try the stuff on. Well, now you can!


How it works:

1. Pick five styles of sunglasses or watches from our site and add them to your cart.

2. When checking out, enter code "5for5". This will take 30% off your order. 

3. Try on the five styles in your home, at work, at the beach...wherever!

4. At the end of the five days, ship back the styles you do not want to keep. We will then refund your card down to the actual cost of your order. 

5. We are offering special pricing on this deal. You will pay full price for the first style and then recieve $20 off for each extra all wood style you keep and $15 off for each wood/PC frame style you keep. If your friends like a style, it is a great way for you both to save money by keeping more.

6. You will be getting all five styles in a protective Woodwear sleeve in addition to one bamboo Woodwear case. If you are receiving watches as well, those will be in the same protective sleeves as the sunglasses. We can always send you more cases for either the watches or sunglasses if you just cover the cost of shipping. 

7. Shipping both ways is FREE unless you send back all five styles. In this case, we will charge your card $10 for shipping.




 Wooden Sunglasses            wood watches and wood sunglasses




1. When do my five trial days start?

Your five days start when our tracking information shows your order has arrived.

2. What if I do not send the order back in time?

We will not refund any of the order back until we receive styles back. You will be charged in full with no refund available if we have not received your order back in 10 days.

3. What if I do not want to keep any of the styles?

Just go ahead and send them all back. We will refund your card down to a $10 charge to help cover shipping costs.

4. What if one of the sunglasses break while I am wearing it?

If this happens we will send you a replacement pair of sunglasses or watches of the same style and charge you for that replacement pair. You can send back the broken pair when you return your order.

5. Do I have to pay shipping if I only keep on pair?

No. Shipping is free both ways unless you send the entire order back. In this case we will charge you $10 for shipping.

6. How does the pricing structure work on this deal?

We will charge you full price on the first stye you keep and then give you $20 off for each additional all wood style (including Mammoth watches) and $15 off for each additional wood/PC style (including Sonoma watches).  

7. Which styles are the wood/PC?

Our Malibu, Whitney, Avalon, and Vienna are all wood/PC. They have wood sides and a PC frame. Any styles priced at $60 online belong to this group. 

8. Can I send the order back before the five day trial ends?

Yes. Most people know if they like a style instantly after trying them on. In this case, you can send the portion of the order you don't like back right away.

9. How do I ship the order back to Woodwear?

We will include an extra box and return postage in your order. Just pack the box, affix the label, and send it on back.

 10. Can I mix and match sunglasses and watches?

Yes! Please do! We love both our watch and sunglass collections and are sure you will too.

11. Why is the "5for5" code offering 30% off? What does this do?

With the special pricing of this deal we calculated that if you kept all 5 styles you would be getting about 30% off your entire order. So, the 30% if there in case you do not return anything to us at all.